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Recent Graduates

The GDR would like to congratulate our 2013 graduating class. We wish them all the very best.

Fall 2013 Graduates:

Jay-Paul Michael Hinds, Person, Community, and Religious Life

Edward P. Dixon, New Testament

Mohamad Abdun Nasir, Western and South Asian Religions

Justin P. Schedtler, New Testament

Douglas W. Watson, Hebrew Bible

Jillinda Ann Weaver, Theological Studies

Summer 2013 Graduates:

Gil Ben-Herut, West and South Asian Religions

Michael J. Chan, Hebrew Bible

Philip C. Dorroll, West and South Asian Religions

Shin Wook Hur, Hebrew Bible

Susannah T. Laramee Kidd, American Religious Cultures

AnneMarie Mingo, Ethics and Society

Spring 2013 Graduates:

Richard (Bo) Adams, Jr., New Testament

Brian Alderman, Hebrew Bible

Michael Altman, American Religious Cultures

Marian W. Broida, Hebrew Bible

Andrew Buechel, Theological Studies

Brad Burroughs, Ethics and Society

Jessica Cayenne Claassen-Luttner, Theological Studies

Lisa Wessman Crothers, West and South Asian Religions

Zev Israel Farber, Jewish Religious Cultures

Erika Fitz, Hebrew Bible

Elizabeth O'Donnell Gandolfo, Theological Studies

Marcus Louis Harvey, Theological Studies

Meghan Rae Henning, New Testament

Carl Stephen Hughes, Theological Studies

David Patrick King, Historical Studies in Religion and Theology

Oleksandr Kyrychenko, New Testament

Hae Min Lee, Person, Community, and Religious Life

Samira Katherine Mehta, American Religious Cultures

Mohamed Mosaad Abdelaziz Mohamed, West and South Asian Religions

Hellena Moon, Person, Community, and Religious Life

Adam Ployd, Historical Studies in Theology and Religion

Jeremy Posadas, Person, Community, and Religious Life

Gilberto Ruiz, New Testament

Nicole Lynn Tilford, Hebrew Bible

Peter Valdina, West and South Asian Religions

Renee Walker, Ethics and Society

Ryan Woods, Historical Studies in Religion and Theology

Graduates 2012:

Wesley Nan Barker, Theological Studies

Claire Bischoff, Person, Community & Religious Practices            

Matthew Todd Bersagel Braley, Ethics and Society

Brennan William Breed, Hebrew Bible                                                                 

Larry Daniel Cantey Jr., Ethics and Society                                                   

Amy Michelle DeBaets, Ethics and Society

Anne Hardison-Moody, Person, Community & Religious Practices

Joshua Wayne Jipp, New Testament

Harshita Mruthinti Kamath, West and South Asian Religion
Heejung Kwon, Person, Community & Religious Practices

Matthew Jeremy Lynch, Hebrew Bible

Donna Susan Mote, American Religious Cultures

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