Prospective Students

Emory University is a major research university with considerable resources in the ethnographic study of religion. Graduate study is extremely rewarding and also very demanding, so please take the time to make a careful decision.

JF_photoStudents interested in pursuing graduate research involving the ethnographic study of religion need to apply to one of Emory’s degree granting units, such as the Department of Anthropology or the Graduate Division of Religion. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with faculty you may want to work with and contact them directly before submitting materials. You will need to closely follow the application procedure of the individual department or unit to which you are applying.

Applicants to the Graduate Division of Religion will need to specify a course of study to which your application will be directed. There is no single course of study that focuses primarily on ethnographic approaches to the study of religion, but courses of study that have welcomed students conducting ethnographic research in the past include:

Prospective GDR students who are unsure where to direct their applications should speak with relevant faculty members in each course of study and are also welcome to contact Professor Don Seeman (