Professional Development

Job Search Guidance

GDR students: 

Below you will find some advice to guide you through parts of professional training and formation: including how to construct a clear C.V., how to write an effective letter of application, and a rough timeline for the Job Search Process. 

All of this is general advice only; it is crucial that you supplement and amend this counsel with more individualized instruction from your advisors and committee members.

Constructing Your Curriculum Vitae

Constructing Your Letter of Application

Job Search Process Timeline

Information on the Job Interview Process

Teaching Portfolio Worksheet for Teaching Philosophy

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Washington University in St. Louis has an excellent document on Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

4 Steps to a Memorable Teaching Philosophy

Here is a guide to the job search process that Professor Michael Elliott (now Senior Associate Dean of Emory College) prepared for students in the English Department.  It gives readers a perceptive narrative of the ins and outs of the job search process in one department of the humanities.  Obviously, some of its advice is discipline-specific (e.g. the MLA conference) and the timeline has changed as well.  But much of the advice is sage and welcome.  We thought you might find it helpful, and we post this with Dean Elliott’s permission. - Pam Hall

The Unofficial Guide to the Academic Job Search in English by Dean Michael Elliott

The Chronicle of Higher Education has two articles that may be of interest:

What to Expect in a First Round Interview

What to Expect in a Second Round Interview

Each course of study has a list of students with placement information.