GDR Alumni News

Jill Marshall
has a new book, the publication of her dissertation, Women Praying and Prophesying in Corinth: Gender and Inspired Speech in First Corinthians. It was published in September by Mohr Siebeck Press.

Samira Mehta has been awarded 2 Fellowships. One from The Wabash Institute the other from The Luce Foundation.

Anjulet Tucker was recently profiled in Emory Reports for her exhibition on Chicago Steppin' at the Schatten Gallery in Woodruff Library.

Lerone A. Martin, Assistant Professor of Religion & Politics, Washington University : Nancy Weiss Malkiel Junior Scholars Award (Woodrow Wilson Foundation), 2017.

Recent GDR Alumni Books:

Kevin O’Brien, ed.  2016. Theological and Ethical Perspectives on Climate Engineering: Calming the Storm (Lexington Books).

Annie Hardison-Moody, 2016. When Religion Matters: Practicing Healing in the Aftermath of the Liberian Civil War (Pickwick Publications).

Robert P. Jones, 2016. The End of White Christian America (Simon & Schuster).

Marie Marquardt, 2016. The Radius of Us: A Novel (St. Martin's Griffin).

Matthew Rindge, 2016. Profane Parables: Film and the American Dream (Baylor University Press).

John Senior, 2015. A Theology of Political Vocation: Christian Life and Public Office (Baylor).

Michelle Voss Roberts, 2016. Comparing Faithfully: Insights for Systematic Theological Reflection (Fordham).


Spring 2017

Lerone Martin (ARC, 2011) has been awarded the 2015 Frank S. and Elizabeth D. Brewer Prize of the American Society of Church History (ASCH)for his book Preaching on Wax, The Phonograph And the Making of Modern African American Religion.  

Spring 2016

Samira Mehta (ARC 2012), Assistant Professor at Albright, has been awarded the David B. Larson Fellowship in Health and Spirituality to spend a year studying American religion and contraception.

Jill Marshall (NT, 2015) received the William G. Dever Fellowship for Biblical Scholars, awarded by the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR). The award supports two months of archaeological excavation and research in Israel. Jill will join the excavation at Shikhin, a Roman era Jewish settlement, and spend one month at the Albright Institute in Jerusalem. Fall 2014

Allen Black, who received his Ph.D. in New Testament from the GDR in 1985, will assume the role of Dean of Harding School of Theology in Memphis, Tennessee, on July 1, 2015.

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