News and Announcements

Spring 2022

Congratulations to Diandra M. Darby, Practical Theology for the 2022 FTE Fellowship for Doctoral Students of African Descent

Congratulations to Rosy Kandathil, Hebrew Bible for the award of the 2022 FTE Fellowship for Latino/a, Asian and First Nations Doctoral Students

Student Publications:

Silas W. Allard

 “Reimagining Asylum: Religious Narratives and the Moral Obligation to the Asylum Seeker,” Refuge 29, no. 1 (2013),

 “In the Shade of the Oaks of Mamre: Hospitality as a Framework for Political Engagement between Christians and Muslims,” Political Theology 13, no. 4 (2012),

Donghyun Jeong

 Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

 “Wrapping It Up Like Paul: 2 Corinthians 13:11-13 and the Possibility of Redaction.” Novum Testamentum (accepted; forthcoming in 2020).

 “A Literary and Theological Case for the ‘Unbeloved’ Reading in John 10:29.” Journal of Biblical Literature 139 (2020): 155–175.

“1 Corinthians 15:35–58: An Assessment of Stoic Interpretation.” Korean Journal of Christian Studies 109 (2018): 45–70.

 “God’s Hoplites: Slaves and Warfare in Romans 6:12–23.” Korean Journal of Christian Studies 105 (2017): 47–72.

 Book Reviews

 “Review of Terri Moore, The Mysteries, Resurrection, and 1 Corinthians 15: Comparative Methodology and Contextual Exegesis.” Review of Biblical Literature (2020).

 “Review of Jin Young Choi, Postcolonial Discipleship of Embodiment: An Asian and Asian American Feminist Reading of the Gospel of Mark.” Asian American Theological Forum 2/3 (2015).

Gilha Lee

‘The Rock Was Christ’: 1 Cor 10:4b-c as Pauline Challenge of the Corinthians’ Understanding of Wisdom,” Korean Journal of Christian Studies 109 (2018), ISSN: 1226-9522

Fall 2021

Corwin Davis
has received the Louisville Institute Doctoral Fellowship

Spring 2020

Jennifer Pietz
has been named as a Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at Luther Seminary

Fall 2019

Ashley Coleman Taylor
is now an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Texas at Austin

Spring 2018

Aalekhya Malladi
has received a Fulbright and an American Institute of Indian Studies fellowships to conduct her dissertation fieldwork in India July 2019-July 2020 on the topic of "Gender, Devotion, and Authority: Study of an 18th Century Female Poet in South India"

Hyemin Na
 has received the Fulbright Study and Research Award, South Korea and the Korea Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship

Tim Rainey received the James Weldon Johnson Dissertation Completion Fellowship as well as a completion fellowship from Fellowship for Theological Exploration (FTE)