Joint Degree Program

The Doctor of Law/Doctor of Philosophy (JD/PhD)

This doctor of law/doctor of philosophy joint degree enables students to pursue training in law while simultaneously receiving the highest level of academic education in one of the divisions of the Laney Graduate School. Many recipients of the JD/PhD will be interested in academic career paths, but all recipients will be fully equipped to practice law and to teach on the university or college level.

prospective candidate must apply separately to both the School of Law and to the Laney Graduate School, indicating on the applications a desire to study for the joint JD/PhD. A successful candidate must be accepted by both schools before matriculating in the joint degree program. A student already enrolled in the School of Law or the graduate school may apply to the other school for admission to candidacy for the JD/PhD. If admitted, the student’s previous degree work will be counted toward the joint degree requirements.

A candidate spends the first full year in either the School of Law or the Laney Graduate School; the second year is spent in the other school. Thereafter, the candidate must spend three semesters in residence at the School of Law and one semester in classes at the graduate school. This represents a one-semester reduction in the normal course requirements within each school. Beyond classes, the candidate is required to put in whatever additional time is needed to successfully meet the requirements of the PhD program.